Historical Fantasy Tale

Dreams of Ydalir Mask


Dreams of Ýdalir: Historical Fantasy Tale

Fawn believes she has a greater purpose to fulfill in her life but has never quite figured out what it is. Orphaned by her mother only days after her birth, her life has been surrounded by gossip and rumors. The village people tell stories of her mother leaving her in order to join her father in the land of the faeries. So Fawn’s life has always had stories of magic tied to it. 

One day she dreams of a strange fire-haired woman who seems part human, part deer. Soon after she has recurring dreams of a kind yet mysterious dark-haired man who reveals his story to her and finally her place within it.  In the dream world, she is gifted with a magical deer mask that allows her to shape-shift and travel to other realms and learns what is behind the veil of human existence.

This story is of Wuldor, the ancient God who is also known as Ullr, among many other names. He is the stepson of The Mighty Thor and therefore Odin’s own grandson. This is his story as he tells it and of Fawn whose life is forever altered when she learns of her true origins. From the halls of Asgard to the enchanted Yew Dales and back through the ancient stories of our ancestors, spanning time and space this is a story of magic, passion, love, the human condition, the natural world and the hunger to understand our own individual place in the cosmos.


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