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The Authors

Dreams of Ydalir is a project by Jenn Campus (Writer) and Roberto Campus (Artist) – husband and wife, parents and artists, inspired by the Gods of Old, Mythology, and Fantasy. Since they met, they have been working together on projects they are passionate about. They dream about living a life off the grid and working by natural light and candlelight, surrounded by tapestries, like many of the great artists and writers throughout history.SaveSave
Jenn Campus

A published author of two Amazon bestsellers, she has been writing stories for the past 20 years. Jenn knows that magic is inherently in the mundane and she is inspired by the days of yore. She loves reading books that pique her interest to go beyond the book and research the places and histories therein. She is especially passionate about the stories, cultures, and mythology of Northern Europe.

She is a practicing polytheistic Pagan devoted to Wuldor/Ullr and Elen of the Ways. She is a self-proclaimed herb nerd and foodie and has been known to hug trees. Her warm and cozy writing style welcomes her readers to sit at her proverbial hearth to hear fantastical stories or learn practical skills for everyday life, allowing them to tap into the ways of their ancestors.

Roberto Campus

Born and raised in Italy, Roberto is a fantasy Artist and Illustrator with 20+ years experience. He has a passion for classical painting and sculpting techniques, which he uses to create his unique style of bold, primal and adventurous Fantasy inspired art. During his career he has created illustrations for many famous publishers like Marvel and DC Comics, the Game of Thrones and War of Warcraft TCGs as well as Dungeons and Dragons and Gurps, so he has an immense passion for Fantasy. He is an expert in Digital art, as well as traditional methods such as oils, pencil, inks, and pastels.

He is passionate about attention to detail, loves studying the human body, nature, textures, and sculpting, all of which deeply impact his work. His inventive mind furthers his mission to add more traditional beauty to the chaos of the modern world. Pagan since he can remember, called to the ways of our ancestors by Thor.