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Blessed Mabon/ Equinox/ Alban Elfed

Happy Autumn Equinox!

If this is your first time visiting this blog: WELCOME! There are a lot of archived blog posts for you to read and enjoy to get yourself more acquainted with the world we are creating here at Dreams of Ýdalir.

It is a big day for us here because we just launched our project on Patreon! If you are coming to us from that page thank you!

Here is a prayer that I would like to share to celebrate Mabon/Equinox/ Alban Elfed with all of our readers. It is inspired by some of the happenings in the book, but can be applied in the real world too 🙂

Mother Goddess, as you go into your dormant time, taking leave of these Northern forests, your fiery brightness surrounds us in the changing color of the leaves on the trees who are also going to sleep for the winter. We thank you for your lushness and bounty. Sleep now, rest and recuperate –take our gratitude with you we honor you still.

Lord of the Hunt, your divine guardianship comes into full force now. We embrace your cooling nature, your catalystic frost that speeds up the harvest. Welcome to your land and your forest. We rejoice in your arrival. Teach us that sacrifice can harvest many unexpected things. Help us to take stock of our provisions and let us set out on adventures together, hunting, hiking, walking. Help us to embrace this cold season of inner work, reflection and cozy time with family.

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