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Dreams of Ýdalir – Book Excerpt {2}

Dreams of Ydalir- Chapter 1 - Fawn Birth Story

Each month (maybe more often) we will be sharing excerpts from the book with our followers. Each excerpt will be accompanied by an exclusive piece of concept art work, created by Roberto especially for this excerpt and the mood of the chapter it comes from.

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Now for the excerpt and art:

Dreams of Ydalir- Chapter 1 - Fawn Birth Story


I was born on the night of the Winter Solstice, with a big full moon hanging low on the horizon. Some say that my birth was lucky because I was born inside the caul, the birth sack. My mother told the midwife that this was a sign that I had been born again and that my fyglia or spirit fetch was strong. She said that she birthed both a human child and a deer spirit that night, one of her family’s long lineage, and so she named me Fawn, as so many before her had gifted their children with deer names…

 I have always felt a close connection to the deer, maybe because so many told me that my mother believed them to be family. I have admired them, their beauty and grace, their familial ties. They have always seemed ethereal or magical and yet, I suppose in a way, kindred.

If you like what you are seeing and reading, remember you can get the whole chapter + prologue and 4 images for just $1 through the month of October 2016. Visit our Patreon Project for more info!

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