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The Holly King



Wuldor’s time is fall and winter. He is the Holly King. During these seasons is when he is the strongest and has the most power to change things. He is an old god one that is bound to the ebb and flow of nature. To be his priestess means that I am bound to that ebb and flow as well. This is why I have always loved autumn because it is when he is coming back to his power again and I am coming into mine.

He tells me humans are a part of nature and cannot dominate it, no matter how hard they try. They will end up destroying themselves in the process.

He is the gift of balance. We cannot always have what we want, when we want it. Things do not come for free. Nothing has its full power or can be dominant at all times, everything has its season, everything in nature has its stagnancy, its resting period, time to recuperate so that it can bloom and flourish in its own time, its own season.

You thrive in the autumn and winter. The summer heat makes you tired and weak, that is because it is not your time for action, it is your time to rest and recuperate. You are like the Christmas Rose that blooms when all other things die.

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