Each month (maybe more often) we will be sharing excerpts from the book with our followers. Each excerpt will be accompanied by an exclusive piece of concept art work, created by Roberto especially for this excerpt and the mood of the chapter it comes from. Remember, if you want the WHOLE chapter, you can support us over at Patreon at the $20 level and you will get each chapter in digital form every month! At the $30 level you will get the line art version of the artwork to color or study. But for now you can wet your appetite with this excerpt. Enjoy!

Dreams of Ydalir - Chapter 1 - Earth Protector
A symbolic representation of Wuldor, the ancient protector of nature.

The natural world, the world we live in is ruled by balance. As out of control we might think the present day is, or as far removed we think we are from nature, all that inhabit it, still live by The Old Rules, even the Gods…

The Holly King is known by many names by many cultures and peoples. In this story he is called Wuldor. He is deeply tied to nature and the cycles of life and death. Some might say he is the first shaman.

This is a human story of my flourishing season, the time when I saw beneath the cover that humans have built through years of neglect, decades of apathy and centuries of disconnect from the very heart of what sustains us and keeps us happy and whole.

This is also the story of when the one known as Wuldor, the Holly King, Father Winter, The Horned God, came to me and I swore an oath to serve him and in so doing he gifted me with his own story, a story that answers many of the questions of how we as humans came to be in this world and how we survived alongside of animals and plants and nature. His story takes us on a journey from the fabled halls of Asgard, home of the Gods, to his home in Ýdalir and the most ancient times on Midgard, our home, Earth.

It is also a story of love found and lost, of the human condition, filled with sorrow, joy and undying passion.

This is a story that will hopefully inspire many to make those reparations and begin anew a relationship with not only the Earth and Nature, but with the Gods themselves. For we are all bound together and the way we intertwine is what ultimately sustains us all.

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