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Dreams of Ydalir mask wearer

Subscribe today to join us on this fantastical journey through the halls of Asgard and find out the secrets of the Otherworld!  

Like the days of yore – become a true patron of the arts and help sponsor this project by clicking this<< link>>.

When you subscribe, you will start to receive the story in the form of issues, as well as access to our Patreon- Only feed which will include a behind the scenes look at creating the book (like fun vlogs, blooper videos, and other vignettes, photo-shoot sneak peeks, works in progress, etc.).

Some notes about Patreon:

What is Patreon and why should I support you there?

Patreon is a way to help artists do the work they are inspired by their muses to do through a monthly subscription. You can support us for as little as $5/month or up to $15/month- whatever fits your budget. Think on the days of the Renaissance when artists had Patrons, people who would literally fund their work because they were inspired by what the artist was creating and wanted the artist’s work to continue.  It’s a bit like that. Art inspires so many things in people and has the ability to transcend both time and space, it is powerful and by supporting us, you are helping us to bring our art to the world (and hopefully inspire people – or at least bring them on a journey with us!).


What do you do with the money and what can I get out of it?

Lots of people are familiar with Kickstarter, the premise of that is to rouse a community to team up to fund a single, large, project. Patreon allows you to sponsor the actual artist to create many projects or parts of a project art over the long haul. This allows the artist to buy materials, tools, and programs or needed supplies to keep working.

To give back to the people who support us, there are various rewards that you can get based on the level of support.

Other ways to support us is by liking our Facebook Pages, or following our blogs.

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I want to support you, but I want an immediate return on my investment.

We understand! Please feel free to support us this way by visiting our online shops. We love this kind of support.

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