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Thor, Thunor, Thunder


A Devotional Prayer for Thor by Jenn Campus


Son of Odin
Friend of Man
Husband of Sif
Father of Thrud
Stepfather to Wuldor,
Friend of Midgard
God of Thunder and Might
Keeper of the Sacred Goats
Friend of Middle Earth,
You who make things hale:

I honor you for your strength today
I honor you for your fertility today
I honor you for your fatherhood today
I honor you for your holiness today

Today is Thorsday, better known as Thursday in this era, and it is a great time to honor the Germanic God, Thor. Back in the day if you lived in Northern Europe, whether Germany, England or Scandinavian, you knew Thor. He is widely known for being a friend to mankind and to Middle Earth, where humans live in this cosmology.

Thor is also known for his strength. He carries Mjölnir, his sacred weapon, the hammer. Thor is still well known within Pagan communities, and those following a more Germanic Paganism often wear a pendant of Mjölnir to symbolize their faith.

Thor is described in the literature as “Stepfather to Ullr (Wuldor)” and Wuldor himself is described as “Thor’s Stepson”. I am not an expert in the literature, but this seems to be a very important fact. Since the relationship is often highlighted when talking about one or the other, it shows that this relationship is a strong one. It is a very ancient blended family.

Perhaps one of the lesser know attributes of Thor are his lessons on family and if you are a part of a blended family, even more so. He teaches that when you marry, you not only marry your spouse, but you marry their family. Therefore sacred acts to honor Thor include welcoming those new relations with open arms and bringing them into the inner circle. Thor is loyal to his family and loyalty is an important lesson for those who honor this God. Thor does not question his family’s honor; he does not question their love. He is strong in their love and loyalty.

Welcoming extended and blended families with open arms can be very trying at times and at other times we can see it as the blessing it truly is. Thor is one to call on in times of difficulty with family, not just husbands, wives and children, our more immediate family, but also including stepchildren and stepparents as well as all other in-laws. You can honor Thor by honoring all these relations, especially in trying times.



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